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Recruiting Mentors

The Youth Environmental Action Summit will debut on the Lower Eastern Shore of Maryland in April 2019. We're currently recruiting mentors who are interested in helping to facilitate student-driven action projects.

The Youth Environmental Action Summit is now recruiting 30-50 mentors who are interested in supporting students as they investigate local environmental issues and design action projects.

Role of Mentors in the YEAS

Mentors are the support system for convening youth and guiding them on their action project journey. Mentors will:

  • Participate in a training in fall/winter 2018 to learn more about local environmental issues, resources for supporting action, and practices for encouraging student-directed learning. The training will involve a one day in-person workshop coupled with online support.

  • Convene students to investigate a local environmental issue of interest and develop an action project proposal to address the issue.

  • Attend the Summit with your student group.

Who are YEAS Mentors?

Mentors are leaders who have the capacity to support and facilitate student-directed action projects. These could be teachers, after school program leaders, youth group organizers, program coordinators, scout leaders, homeschool parents, college interns, and beyond. They can be adults OR youth but must have the ability to organize and motivate.

More than one mentor may be involved in a single project (for example a youth group leader and a non-profit coordinator may co-mentor) or a mentor may be involved in more than one project (for example a teacher may have two different action projects developing within a single class).

Why Become a Mentor?

Mentors are key to the success of the YEAS. They provide support and guidance to students along the way. Mentors are people who truly care about giving students a voice in shaping our communities.

Perks of being a Mentor include a $150 stipend for participating in the training, access to resources to support the programs that you might already be running, and knowing that you are part of a group committed to inspiring the next generation of community leaders and environmental stewards.

Convinced? Sign up for the training.



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