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James M Bennett Students Explore Local Environmental Issue Through Photography

Students in Mrs. Bhaskaran's Environmental Science class spent part of their first semester exploring local environmental issues. In non-pandemic years, this has meant that students have the opportunity to get outside on their local school grounds, parks, and community spaces to better see and investigate issues as a class.

"Schooling from home" made this impossible to do as a whole class, so instead students took to areas closer to their homes to identify issues - and they found plenty of them! Students documented their findings by taking photos on their cell phones and curating them in StoryMaps or Virtual Exhibitions. Here are a few examples of these impressive compilations:

JMB student, Danielle, identified how certain existing issues like litter are being actually exacerbated due to the pandemic - with increased use of single-use items like the mask featured in the image above. See their full StoryMap here.

Other students like Ariel accessed the Salisbury City Park and identified effects from the increase in storms that we are seeing due to changes in climate, among others. While the issues are plentiful, Ariel points out that there are opportunities among these challenges:

"After completing this project I am both hopeful and anxious about the future. We as a society need to come together and change to fix all of these issues. It is overwhelming, and scary, especially when people do not recognize the need to change. This is why education and activism are so important. I want to be a part of the change and do better for myself, my community, and our beautiful planet."

You can see their full StoryMap here.

Logan focused their investigation primarily into recycling and the complications associated with it. Their project is a full-on virtual gallery which you can "walk" through at your own pace - check it out here.

Kudos to all of the JMB students who created such unique and innovative methods of showcasing the environmental issues in their own backyards! As each of these students pointed out, where there are issues there are also opportunities. We hope to see them at YEAS on March 31, 2021 to start exploring where we can make collective change right here on the Lower Shore! Registration is now open.



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