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If you've landed on this page, chances are your child is interested in attending the Youth Environmental Action Summit (YEAS) and you're looking for a little more information about what this is all about. 

The Basics

YEAS is organized by the Ward Museum in partnership with the NOAA Environmental Science Training Center and will be hosted on Thursday, March 12th 2020 at the Ward Museum in Salisbury, MD. It's open to students in Worcester, Wicomico, and Somerset counties in grades 3-12. YEAS aims to inspire the next generation to make positive change in their own community by addressing local environmental issues. In the months and weeks leading up to the summit, students are creating action project proposals which they'll have a chance to win funding for at the event.

Why should my child attend?

If you received a letter home from school (or from a community program), that means that your child has been integral in developing this very unique proposal for action. At YEAS students will be recognized for their ideas, have a chance to present their proposal, attend conference-style and interactive sessions with local experts, and network with other students from across grades and schools. Within this curated environment, we hope to cultivate leadership and innovation in each and every student. In addition to being an inspiration event, this is a great resume-builder for students thinking about careers and higher education!


Yes - you read that right. YEAS is on a Thursday. This is a regular school day in all three counties so if your child is participating as part of a class project, you'll be getting information directly from the school. If your child is participating as part of a non-school group we'll be working with the leader of the program and the school to organize appropriate transportation and an excused absence. A completed release form for your child to attendance at YEAS is required. Here are some additional details:

  • You'll receive specific information about transportation from your child's teacher or program leader. This may require an earlier-than-normal drop off at the school to catch the bus. All buses should be back to school in time for the student to take their normal form of transportation home unless otherwise noted by the teacher.

  • Parents are welcome to join us for the Award Ceremony beginning at 1PM. You child will still need to take the bus back to school unless there is an extenuating circumstance. If you must take your child home directly following the event please note this on the release form or notify us in advance of the summit. 


YEAS is a completely free event thanks to our generous sponsors (The Campbell Foundation for the Environment, Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore, and the City of Salisbury just to name a few!). A nutritious breakfast and lunch will be provided to every student at no-cost.

What to Bring / Keeping It "Green"

YEAS is all about walking-the-talk. What does that mean? We're trying to keep this event as sustainable and low-waste as possible while recognizing the capacity of our audience. We're asking students to refrain from bringing/using single-use plastics during this event (we will provide everyone with a complimentary reusable water bottle!) and will be sending any remaining food home with students. Feel free to send them with a container to bring food home in the case that we have extra. 

Cell Phones

Technology is a powerful tool especially when messaging about environmental issues. There may be sessions during this event that harness this concept so we welcome students to bring their cellphone or other devices to partake in these activities, though it's by no means a requirement. We do ask that students are respectful of speakers (which includes their peers!) and to use self-moderation in appropriate cell phone usage.




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